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We warmly welcome You to the Arkon Squash & Gym in Gdansk and we wish You a pleasant time.
Thank You for reading and observing the rules, which are designed to ensure You a peaceful and secure stay.


  1.  All the Guests using the services of squash courts, are required to read the rules of Arkon Squash & Gym and apply the Squash Rules.
  2. Courts reservation, cancel or reschedule, is possible by phone, mail or in person at Arkon Squash & Gym.
  3. An hour reservation means the Guests are able to use the court for 60 minutes, counted from the clock hour.
  4. The Arkon Squash & Gym has a possible to rent a squash equipment: rackets, balls and goggles.
  5. Players are required to check the rental equipment before starting the game and immediately report any irregularities to fitness staff.
  6. In case of rocket / goggle damage during the game, the player is required to pay the full fee for the destruction of the equipment.
  7. Players are required to use the sport shoes with a bright, anti-fouling rubber sole.
  8. For security reasons it is recommended to play in a protective glasses.
  9. The Arkon Squash & Gym is not liable for injuries sustained during the game and as a result of not following the safety rules.
  10. The Arkon Squash & Gym offer is addressed to the Guests without medical contraindications.
  11. The guests are not allowed to use a squash courts under the influence of alcohol or any drugs.
  12. At the Arkon Squash & Gym applies strict adherence to the recommendations of the staff.
  13. Using the squash courts is possible in the range of hours, which the Arkon Squash & Gym is open in.
  14. In case of fire, as far as possible inform the Arkon Squash & Gym employee and direct threat to the exit 
  15. in accordance with the instructions indicating the directions of evacuation. Until the fire department arrival the hotel employees are responsible for the evacuation.

After informing the Guests, Arkon Squash & Gym reserves the right to change the general rules, as well as use a warnings in case of emergency situations, which are not covered by the above regulations.


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