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Baltic herring dill cream Kartuzy pickled cucumber onion marinated in green pepper

150 g 19 PLN

Potato dumplings oyster mushroom smoked cheese

200 g 20 PLN

Beef Tartare capers pickled cucumber shallot marinated mushrooms

180 g 27 PLN

Salmon marinated in citrus fruit rucola orange marinated ginger

150 g 29 PLN

Shrimp marinated in chili with ginger buttery sauce cherry tomatoes

150 g 39 PLN


Cream of pickled cucumber caraway

250 ml 13 PLN

Sour-rye soup mushrooms egg

250 ml 16 PLN

Fish soup baked tomatoes seafood

250 ml 17 PLN


Green salad Kashubian pumpkin caramelised nuts pear vinaigrette dressing

200 g 24 PLN

Rucola roasted goat cheese beet carpaccio baked bell pepper roasted sunflower seeds

220 g 28 PLN

Fish dishes

Cod oyster mushroom leek root vegetables beurre blanc sauce

160/150 g 35 PLN

Pikeperch rutabaga purée Romanesco cauliflower dill olive oil

160/160 g 43 PLN

Meat dishes

Chicken sous-vide baked pumpkin bulgur wheat demi-glace sauce

170/200 g 29 PLN

Pork knuckle roasted in beer sauerkraut plum

350/200 g 38 PLN

Duck breast sous-vide beet purée black salsify blackberry sauce

180/150 g 45 PLN

Rib-eye steak little potatoes bacon brussel sprouts green pepper sauce

300/200 g 71 PLN


Fondant chocolate

150 g 15 PLN

Lemon tart with Italian meringue

180 g 18 PLN

Strawberry cake layered cream and biscuit

120 g 19 PLN

For kids

„I dunno” Chicken soup dumpling

200 ml 10 PLN

„I don’t care” Spaghetti with tomato sauce

160 g 12 PLN

„Whatever” Corn flake breaded chicken tenders with chips

120 / 100 g 15 PLN

„I want sweets” pancakes cottage cheese cream

150 g 13 PLN


Chicken fillets in corn flakes

150 g 18 PLN

Squid garlic sauce

160 g 20 PLN

Penne macaroni chicken spinach shallot creamy sauce

250 g 25 PLN

Spicy wings BBQ sauce

200 g 17 PLN

Romaine lettuce chicken croutons parmesan cheese Caesar dressing

220 g 28 PLN

Beefburger cheese bacon lettuce pickled cucumber mustard sauce French fries

180/100 g 32 PLN


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