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Liver pate red onion marmalade tost

180 g 20 PLN

Smoked trout rhubarb mousse marinated courgette

150 g 24 PLN

Grilled tuna guacamole tomato radish

180 g 28 PLN

Beef tartar capers pickled cucumber shallot marinated mushrooms

180 g 29 PLN


Sorrel cream soup egg french puff pastry finger biscuit

250 ml 14 PLN

Broth pulled duck swedish turnip dumplings corlander

250 ml 16 PLN

Fish soup baked cod sour cream

250 ml 19 PLN


Rapunzel cress radish rhubarb avocado raspberry vinaigrette

200 g 19 PLN

Salad mix chickpeas celery pumpkin seeds chorizo twister dried tomato olive oil

220 g 24 PLN

Fish dishes

Mussels shallot garlic white wine toast

500 g 38 PLN

Grilled salmon green peas puree vegetable pappardelle

150/150 g 44 PLN

Meat dishes

Chicken breast stuffed with chestnuts savoy cabbage small potatoes with smoked butter thyme sauce

170/200 g 30 PLN

Grilled pork neck courgette bell pepper onion mushrooms lazur blue cheese pepper sauce

230/200 g 39 PLN

Duck fillet pineapple edamame beans carrot puree lavage sauce

200/200 g 49 PLN

Baked beef rib artichokes tomato- bell pepper relish with chickpeas beer-honey glaze

200/200 g 49 PLN


Rhubarb crumble almonds pear sorbet

150 g 15 PLN

Carrot cake redcurrant chutney green pepper

150 g 17 PLN

White chocolate mousse gooseberry marmalade spinach

170 g 19 PLN


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